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Buying a car should not be a struggle but a wonderful experience. Find it with us!



Finding a car that fits you it's never been so simple.

You just have to login in with your social accounts and Motorsquare will recommend you which car models suits you and more reflect your personality. You can also let us inspire you by our collections or by the models that your friends likes the most. All this section are thought with just one goal: help you to choose the car that you won't stop enjoying to drive!

Motorsquare Recommendation Engine:

The car models that we suggest to our users come from an algorithm of recommendation based on the analysis of informations which are taken from users's social profiles. Our technology let us to profile every single user. Motorsquare will be your own personal car adviser!

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The best offer, the best for you.

Would you like to find the best offer ever? Motorsquare expands your search by analyzing the whole web.

Motorsquare Scanner finds and aggregate all the nearest and affordable offers on the most used web sites, sorting by price. You can find new car, second handed car and km 0 at the price and the most favorable terms. Let us guide you in finding the best deal!

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Meet Francesco Bonanno

He graduated in Business Economy from the University of Catania, now student of Master degree in Business Administration of the same University. He furthered his interest in entrepreneurship and digital economy by participating in the Contamination Lab Catania where he fortified his knowledge in "lean start-up” and team management. passion for business and automotive fits together perfectly with the start up Motorsquare. He is studying market needs and is developing strategies and business models.

Meet Marco Salvatore Reitano

He graduated in Business Economy from the University of Catania, now student of Master degree in Business Administration of the same University. Motor enthusiastic, marketing addicted and charismatic figure of the team, its main tasks concerned with the finalisation of the strategies and conveying the brand value and corporate culture outside the enterprise.

In addition to deal with the growth of the company brand, he is involved in the growth of his own one through effective personal branding techniques that led him to be present in the top 100 in the area of social influencer. The experience gained in pitch exposition has already been and still is an important weapon to achieve company business goals.

Meet Paolo Squadrito

He graduated from the University of Catania with a Bachelor Degree in Telecommunication Engineering. Now he's attending the Master Degree in the same University. After a job experience at Medicom Services, currently he provides consulting services for the telecommunications company Sicilsat-communication.

Passionate about technology, mobile device and coding, he makes productivity and the "up-to-date" the pillars of his life. Always supported by his MacBook, which he considers as an extension of his body, will oversee the development of the entire platform and in particular the algorithms behind it.

Meet Edoardo Benissimo

Edoardo holds a diploma in Computer Science and Telecommunications from the IISS Galileo Ferraris school, based in Acireale (CT), and he also obtained several computer science awards. Being a talented young developer, lately he got interested about mobile development and, in particular, iOS and Android developing. His passion and dedication arise from his will to innovate and being challenged over and over.

"Stay hungry, stay foolish" is his mantra and he wants to apply to every side of his young career.

Meet Simone Guccio

21 years, student of Graphic and Web Design. I love what I study and my work, every day I put 100% of myself in my passion, I'm curious and I always try to improve myself and learn from my mistakes but especially by those who are more skilled and professional to me.

I like challenges and compare myself with others, I faces every day with a smile in my face trying to be a positive person and always available. I'm also a big fan of sports and music in particular I like Indie Rock and Electronic genre.

Vincenzo Bozzo

Graduated in Economics and Executive MBA from Anderson School of Management in Los Angeles (USA), he began his career as a Financial Controller at Fiat Auto S.p.A. between Milan, Florence, Paris and Amsterdam. He was Marketing Manager for Sportal Italy srl and Marketing Director of Monster Italy Srl. He held the role of Director of Web Strategy and Planning Division in Piano! ("Brand Portal" Group's Media Agency). From 2008 to 2016 he was first Country Manager and then Managing Director of Autoscout 24 Italy, Italian subsidiary of the multinational based in Monaco of Bavaria who manages the homonymous marketplace, leader in Italy and Europe for buying and selling cars online.

Meet Graziano Dimatteo

He was born in Syracuse on the 17th of May 1992. He graduated from the University of Catania in Computer Engineering and now he’s attending his Masters Degree at the same University. Since he was a child he loved everything about Computers, Technology and Innovation. He started programming even before University and he hopes to continue doing it for ever.

He started his work experience with a project committed by a company that works with the University, and thanks to that he became passionate about Server-side programming. In everything he does he has only one phrase in his mind “Never give up!”.