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Buying a car should not be a struggle but a wonderful experience. Find it with us!



Finding a car that fits you it's never been so simple.

You just have to login in with your social accounts and Motorsquare will recommend you which car models suits you and more reflect your personality. You can also let us inspire you by our collections or by the models that your friends likes the most. All this section are thought with just one goal: help you to choose the car that you won't stop enjoying to drive!

Motorsquare Recommendation Engine:

The car models that we suggest to our users come from an algorithm of recommendation based on the analysis of informations which are taken from users's social profiles. Our technology let us to profile every single user. Motorsquare will be your own personal car adviser!

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The best offer, the best for you.

Would you like to find the best offer ever? Motorsquare expands your search by analyzing the whole web.

Motorsquare Scanner finds and aggregate all the nearest and affordable offers on the most used web sites, sorting by price. You can find new car, second handed car and km 0 at the price and the most favorable terms. Let us guide you in finding the best deal!